Portable Choir Risers

The Felix Portable Choir Riser is perfect solution for travelling choirs. quick and easy assembly using the Felix Toplok system. Create both curved and straight configurations from the same modules! Lightweight and durable. Packs flat.

The Original Felix Choir Riser were originally designed to facilitate raising choir members in tiered rows, either in straight lines or with a curved effect.
The New Felix Portable Choir Risers use the same rostra units, just positioned in different configurations. No further attachments or fixings are required. Individual module components are relatively small for ease of transporting by car. All the items can be carried by choir members for quick and easy assembly at the concert venue.

To keep the storage area to a minimum, all the subframe panels can be flat packed within the platform top. This then creates a single unit that is only 60mm in thickness. Felix Portable Choir Risers are fully carpeted and adjacent modules are linked using the Felix Toplok system. To assist in building the complete structure, each rostra block incorporates a simple Toplok device.

Felix Portable Choir Risers can be used for all choirs performing in a standing position. The depth of each step is 600mm with a rise of 190mm between levels. Normally three rows of singers are raised with a fourth row on the floor in front. However, any number of rows, size variations, etc can be provided as required by the individual choir. For concerts where the choir is required to sit and stand, a 900mm deep version is available to accommodate chairs. Safety rails are available as an optional extra for the back row and sides if required.

Felix Portable Choir Risers are built to the same high standards as our current range of staging which has been FIRA tested and approved. We use the same high quality materials as our main staging systems. Hand built to order in our factory based in Tiverton, Devon. We can also build bespoke designs for that extra personal finish

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