Bespoke Ramps

Our standard range of ramps are not always the solution for every customer and not all customers own one of our stage systems. We can manufacture ramps that will fit existing staging or even to fit stages manufactured by other companies. We can also manufacture shaped ramps to go around corners or at any special gradient or at any height requirement that is needed. We can also provide handrails which can be made from boxed steel or beautiful hard wood american ash. Access for all is a very important aspect and consideration for anyone who has a facility that the general public use. If you have a particular area that requires a ramped access then let us know and we can provide a solution.

Below are just a few examples of bespoke steps that have been manufactured in our Tiverton factory which might give you ideas for your own design.


Luton Salvation Army Ramp With Handrail

A special gradient ramp together with Ash Handrail to allow access to stage from side

The Vassall Centre Special Ramp

Bespoke ramp with ash handrail with a turn to allow wheelchair and elderly access to stage

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