Bespoke Staging

Incorporate curves, cut outs and different levels. No matter how complicated we can offer a stage solution

Not all customers require or are able to use square tops for their staging Some buildings may have columns to go around, steps to bridge, radiators to cut around or any other obstacles that building throw up. Also Customers sometimes want something different from the norm and want to give their stage an added wow factor. We have been involved with many bespoke designs involving customers, architects and even some of our own ideas.

Below are just a few examples of bespoke staging that have been manufactured in our Tiverton factory which might give you ideas for your own design.


Belinda King Cruise Ship

An exact replica of a cruise ship stage was required for dry land rehearsals.

The Holy Cross Church

Drama Finish Tops with painted subframes to match tops

Cornelius Vermuyden School

A vinyl finished stage to match exactly with the schools existing floor

The Dunlop Church in Devon

An unusual shaped stage together with handrails and wood stained to match

Princes Risbourough Church

Applying customers own vinyl to match their existing flooring

Saint Josephs Church in Dorset

An unusual shaped stage with a specially shaped edging

St Marys Parish Church

A shaped stage specially sized to fit perfectly in to the Church

Verwood Methodist Church

Sanctuary rail & step kneeler and a kick plate & Access holes for electrics

Derby Road Baptist Church

A lovely curved stage using customers own carpet and wood stained to match that in the church

Downend Baptist Church

Stage specifically made to fit in this church, curved corners and carpet to match that in the church

Saint Aldates Church

Special shaped stage to fit around pillars, bespoke decor plinths to allow airflow, unique edging

St Peters School Bristol

A curved finish to this stage and a special gradient ramp for wheelchair access

Street Church

Removal of existing permanent rail and stage to be replaced by demountable replacements

The Alcombe Church

A two level stage with a handrail placed to the front, carpet to match customers and wood stained to match

The Carlton Centre Edinburgh

A vinyl finished stage on top and sides to match buildings décor, high vis edging applied to perimeter.

The Carshalton Church

Unique shaped stage using our standard tiledek range with a bespoke section at each end

The Carshalton Methodist Church

Extension of existing raised area to bridge steps, match carpet and ability to flat pack

The Chittlehampton Church

Extend raised area out in to church, cut around font and other existing fittings, bridge a step.

The Dawlish Church

Build a half permanent half demountable stage, flat packed stage is able to store under the permanent stage

The Harrogate Church

Special flat staged area that can be transformed in to multi level staging using various accessories

The Luton Salvation Army

Special 2 level stage with bespoke ramp with handrail for access by wheelchairs carpet match was required

The Tate Liverpool

A unique stage was required for this customer to fit in to a theme in their modern building

The Yeovil Church

A specially shaped stage to follow a curve of a feature already in the building transforming a corner.

Vine Street Church

Stage with customers own carpet tiles fitted and the wood stained to match the wood in the church building

Oxford University, St Peters College Chapel

Stage designed to extend the customers existing raised area which also included bridging a step

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