Make your community space work for everyone with our flexible staging and tiered seating options

Community Centres are becoming a vital part of local life. From Birthdays to Performances, from weddings to club presentations. Community centres need to be able to adapt their space to the communities requirements.

Community Centres and Meeting areas have such a diverse need for their facilities. In the morning it could be a Zumba class, in the afternoon a school presentation and in the evening a play by the local dramatic society. Each user will require a different lay out with in the building and need some kind of raised platform or seating area.

Our range of products fits perfectly in to a community Centres requirements. All our products are flexible, easy to assemble and when in place look like a permanent piece of furniture. Of course space is always a consideration and when not required all our products flat pack and store away either in a corner of your room or on Felix Trolleys. Most community centres charge for their facilities and Felix Staging can become part of the package you offer. You can hire out your facility with an extra charge for use of the stage or raised seating providing an important extra revenue stream. So it would not take long to recoup the cost of your investment.

Community Centres need a flexible, easy to use and space saving product that can offer a benefit to all users of their facility. A list of products that we have supplied to community centres is to the right of this page. However we continue to work with customers to offer new and even bespoke products for their Community. If you have an idea of a product and would like us to manufacture it for you then please get in touch.



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