Conductors Podium

Felix Design Conductors Podiums are a versatile and flexible platform ideal for even the most enthusiastic Conductor !

We design and manufacture Conductors Podiums for use in schools, churches, community halls and function rooms. We will design a podium to individual specifications, provide detailed quotations with costings. With a choice of materials and carpet colours, Felix Podiums are versatile and can be made to any size, shape and height and can eve be stored flat-pack in a small space.

The Conductors Podium is available in standard range sizes, however from experience, we have found that this type of product is quite personal to the person using it. We have found that by discussing the requirements of the podium we are normally able to supply a product that fits exactly to the customers requests.
We have supplied the following types of podiums in the past at normal heights of 152mm (6″) 305mm(12″) or 457mm(18″) and all can be made as a complete boxed unit or so it can be flat packed away

Types of Podium
Plain flat raised platform
Plain flat platform with a step on the side for access
Platform with wooden handrail on one, two or three sides
Platform with wooden handrail on one,two or three sides with an access step

All Handrail versions have a unique quicklock system which allows for the handrail to be attached and removed in seconds

The fitting of an inlaid carpet surface has always been a standard feature which has made Felix Staging individual and distinctive. The full range of colours available are extensive and we can arrange for a colour swatch to be sent to you. Alternatively, clients own free issue carpet can be fitted to the staging prior to dispatch from our factory.

Drama tops are painted in a selection of colours or left unfinished ready for DIY.

Becoming more and more popular is a vinyl finish which is inlaid in the same way as carpet to give a surface to your stage


All versions are available with the complete range of accessories of Décor Plinths, Step Units, Ramps, Safety Rails and Storage Trolleys and these can be found by clicking HERE



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