Our business to business service provides a seamless and trouble free service

Felix Design have been doing business with other businesses for over 30 years. Our experience in delivering a flexible and professional service allows you to concentrate on your customers.

Our wide range of products together with its flexibility and easy storage has become a firm favourite within the corporate market. Our corporate customers require anything from small presentation platforms to large tiered seating for major events. We provide an extensive range of small speaking platforms, small to large staging areas and tiered seating platforms. In addition to our standard range we also offer a bespoke service in which we can work with you to transform your space in to a professional raised area for presentations. This would include our unique Tiledek range with electrical and audio access points.

Our range of products includes everything from low cost modular staging to a complete tiered area for major events.

All of our products are designed specifically to blend in to your existing décor. you can choose from a wide range of finishes including carpeted, vinyl and drama. To finish of your design you can choose from a wide range of accessories including steps, Decor Plinths, Ramps and Safety Rails.

Corporate Customers need a flexible, easy to use and space saving product that can offer a benefit to all users of their facility. A list of products that we have supplied to Corporate Customers is to the right of this page. However we continue to work with customers to offer new and even bespoke products for their buildings. If you have an idea of a product and would like us to manufacture it for you then please get in touch.

All Felix Staging Products are made to be demountable and flat packs onto a storage trolley.

The fitting of an inlaid carpet surface has always been a standard feature which has made Felix Staging individual and distinctive. The full range of colours available are extensive and we can arrange for a colour swatch to be sent to you. Alternatively, clients own free issue carpet can be fitted to the staging prior to dispatch from our factory.

Drama tops are painted in a selection of colours or left unfinished ready for DIY.

Becoming more and more popular is a vinyl finish which is inlaid in the same way as carpet to give a surface to your stage

Both versions are available with the complete range of accessories of Décor Plinths, Step Units, Ramps, Safety Rails and Storage Trolleys and these can be found by clicking HERE



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