Providing educational premises products for over 30 years

Felix Design and Schools in the UK have had a relationship for over 30 years. We continue to not only supply schools, but also work closely with them in designing and testing our new products.

It was over 30 years ago when John Felix designed a solution for a local primary school when they required staging for a Christmas nativity play. Since then our relationship with the education market has grown and grown.

From local beginnings we now have Staging and other Felix products in schools, Colleges and Universities across the UK, Ireland and Europe. We have not forgotten our local connections and we continue to have great relations with our local schools in Tiverton. They have been instrumental in helping us with design ideas, testing new products and of course posing for photographs.

The education market remains our biggest customers and we continue to expand our range of products for their use. There are a lots of products linked to the right, but if you do have a specific requirement then please let us know. As we manufacture everything in our Tiverton factory we are able to build to your requirements.



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