Decor Plinths

The Finishing Touch To Your Stage

Décor Plinths simply give your Felix Design Stage that finishing touch. Transforming your Portable staged area in to a permanent looking piece of furniture

Décor Plinths are used to cover all the exposed sides of a stage, hiding the subframes and reducing further, any unwanted foot noise in crowd scenes. A Décor Plinth is a solid 12mm panel, covered in the same fibre bonded carpet that is used on the stage surface. A standard décor plinth is the exact length of the associated stage top. To continue the plinths along each side of the stage, the first left-hand and right hand panels are shorter as they are fitted behind the front facing plinths. These décor plinths are called return décor plinths. For a basic stage configuration, with décor plinths on three sides, two return plinths will be required. Décor plinths are held in position by a simple tongue that locates under the stage top edge..


felix-staging-school-stagesMost customers choose to have the same carpet colour or vinyl finish on their décors as the stage top itself.

Some however choose to go with a different shade of the same colour, which to be honest we really like the look of. As pictured here on the left the top is a slightly lighter blue than the décors on the side.

As you can see the step unit is finished in exactly the same way making that perfect match throughout your staging system

Décor Plinths are designed specifically to go with your stage system. Remember to include these in your stage requirements and we will ensure you get the correct fit. If you need to order extra Décor plinths for your existing stage then just let us know what system and size you have and we can go from there. Even if you are not sure what system you have simply give us a call and we will be able to find you on our records.



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