Safety Rails

A flexible solution to provide a safety barrier to the edge of your stage

The Felix Design Safety Rails are an excellent addition to any stage. Using the stage design to attach itself and provide a barrier at the edge of your platform.

We manufacture two types of safety rails, both of which have the same design once in place. The difference between the two design are in the way they dismantle. Our fully collapsible rails completely flat pack allowing you to use a minimum amount of storage space. Once dismantled you end up with 5 separate pieces easy for storage. Our semi collapsible design has a fully ridged frame with only a bottom bar that needs to be screwed in to place.

Safety rails for Felix Staging are designed for use with staging to avoid accidental falls. The design incorporates two upright bars to which are attached three cross bars using handwheels as illustrated. Special sleeves join adjacent safety rails together with an angle sleeve for corners.

Safety rails are constructed from powder coated box steel. The length of each unit is the same as the associated module extending to 914mm above the stage.

Safety Rails Gallery

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