Stacking Blocks

A simple way to create different level platforms

A unique Felix Design feature that allows you to create multi level platforms using your existing Felix Design Staging system.

With the Felix Design stacking blocks you can create different levels of staging using a combination of subframes. The stacking blocks allow assembled subframes to be stacked on top of each other to create different heights, effectively creating a multi-height system. This can all be achieved with your existing stage components by simply utilising your current subframes to achieve a completely different use. This could be a tiered stage effect or simply raise your stage to a higher level.

A specially designed block, approximatelyIMG_2012
250mm square by 36mm thick has two
recessed cross slots on each face.

These slots sit over each of the cross joints formed by the subframe assembly allowing a further level to be assembled on top.

As an example. two 305mm high stacked subframes are the same as a single 610mm subframe. As a further example, a flat stage at 686mm can be made by using  229mm and 457mm subframes, giving the possibility of three flat stage configurations or tiering at 229mm, 457mm and 686mm. Any height of subframe can be made to suit individual requirements



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