Stage Finishes

Carpet Colours, Vinyl finishes, Painted and different wood stains will make your product unique

Your finished stage should fit in to your buildings décor perfectly. It will be something your audience will be looking at during your performance. It should become part of your buildings furniture and add value to your event.

All Felix Products can be finished to suit your requirement, whether it is carpeted, Vinyl, painted, varnished, stained and lacquered.

We also have many unusual requests for different types of finish and normally it can be accommodated. This unique service will ensure your Felix Design Product fits in and matches perfectly in to your building

Below is just a small sample of the finishes that we offer, if you do not see what you require, just call us on 01884 255 420.


NB: The colours shown may differ than the actual carpet colour, please call Felix Staging on 01884 255420 to request a free sample swatch. The above range is subject to change without notice.

We will even fit your own free issued carpet to our products to ensure that the staging blends perfectly with your existing décor.

Product Finishing Gallery

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