Storage Trolley

A great storage solution for your flat packed stage

The Felix Design Storage Trolleys are designed to store and transport our stage and choir riser ranges when dismantled .

The Felix Stage Module was specifically designed to be stored in the smallest space possible, effectively, the space for just the stage top, as the subframe panels are placed flat inside the recess formed by the hardwood frame. Storage can therefore be in any small cupboard or on a Felix Storage Trolley.

For Performance Stages, the trolley is designed to store eight modules vertically. The overall width of just 610mm means the trolley will pass through standard internal doorways. For lightweight stages, the trolley is a flat bed design to enable up to twenty units to be stored.

Safety Note: Storage Trolleys are specifically designed to store the staging when not in use. Moving the fully loaded trolley should only be undertaken by two or more adults and the safety instructions supplied must be strictly followed.
Accessories are not designed to be stored on the same trolley, but another trolley could be used separately with suitable strapping for safety.

The Storage Trolleys are available in standard range sizes to fit our particular products, however we can also make bespoke sizes and shaped tops and you can find details of this by clicking HERE



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