Stage Access flaps

A unique feature allowing cables to run underneath our staging

Allowing cables to run freely under the stage surface with convenient access flaps. This not only stops the untidy look of cables running across the top of the stage, but more importantly reduces the risk of trip hazards. Felix Design not only provide standard access flaps, but we can also build to your own specific requirements including built in electrical fixings for onward connections.

Felix Design Access Flaps are constructed to achieve access to the underneath of any of our stage systems.  This allows cables or any other type of leads to be run underneath the stage surface avoiding unsightly trailing leads and potential trip hazards. Access flaps can be placed in virtually any area of a stage top, but the most popular is dead centre. However it can be offset to any side that is required. All access flaps are designed to blend in with the actual stage top itself so when not in use it appears to be virtually invisible.

In addition to our standard access flap we can also build in electrical fixings such as plug sockets or AV sockets. These would then be needed to be connected on site by a qualified electrician to your supply.

Here is a quick video showing exactly how a standard access panel works




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