The Tiledek Range provides a carpet to carpet finish giving that more permanent feel

Felix Design Staging is the UK’s leading supplier of demountable staging, with over 30 years of experience. Felix Staging’s unique design separates them from the other portable staging suppliers, by manufacturing staging that can look permanent but that is fully demountable.

We design and manufacture portable demountable lightweight timber staging rostra for use in schools, churches, community halls and function rooms. We will design a stage to individual specifications, provide detailed quotations with costings. With a choice of materials and carpet colours, Felix Staging is versatile and can be made to any size, shape and height which can be stored flat-pack in a small space.

The Tiledek Stage Range, based on the original module design is for a more permanent staging requirement. This range utilises a 1000 x 1000mm stage top size with carpet tiles bonded flush to the stage edges.  The assembled stage effectively appears as a permanent and continuous platform removing the squaring effect produced by the hardwood frame of performance stage tops. Although users of this range tend to leave their staging in place for longer periods of time. The Tildek range continues our staging concept of being modular, demountable and flexible. The simple design concept, speed of assembly and unmatched durability has proved itself in use over thirty years throughout the UK and overseas. All of our staging is completely demountable and modular, yet when in place looks like a permanent piece of furniture. Felix Staging is a unique system, which is designed to instantly harmonise with the surrounding area.

This range of staging proves to be very popular in churches and buildings that require a stage to match in to their buildings décor. Our standard sizes listed below can be, and normally are, used in conjunction with our bespoke service.

The Tiledek Range of Staging is available as a standard in the following sizes, these size are the surface area of the stage top. However we can also make bespoke sizes and shaped tops and you can find details of this by clicking HERE

Different size tops

1000mm x 1000mm – T5
1000mm x 500mm – T14
Diagonal Modules: 1000mm x 1000mm – T6



We supply our staging in a number of standard heights using subframes which are listed below. However we can also make bespoke heights and you can find details of this by clicking HERE

Different size subs

152mm (6″) – FM6
229mm (9″) – FM9
305mm (12″) – FM12
381mm (15″) – FM15
457mm (18″) – FM18
533mm (21″) – FM21
610mm (24″) – FM24
686mm (27″) – FM27
762mm (30″) – FM30

All Felix Staging Products are made to be demountable and flat packs onto a storage trolley.

The fitting of an inlaid carpet surface has always been a standard feature which has made Felix Staging individual and distinctive. The full range of colours available are extensive and we can arrange for a colour swatch to be sent to you. Alternatively, clients own free issue carpet can be fitted to the staging prior to dispatch from our factory.

Drama tops are painted in a selection of colours or left unfinished ready for DIY.

Becoming more and more popular is a vinyl finish which is inlaid in the same way as carpet to give a surface to your stage

Both versions are available with the complete range of accessories of Décor Plinths, Step Units, Ramps, Safety Rails and Storage Trolleys and these can be found by clicking HERE




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