Stage Steps

Designed to match perfectly and allow access to your Felix Stage.

Felix Design Stage Steps are designed to allow easy access to our range of Felix Staging. In addition to this we also offer a bespoke service. This allows you to have Felix steps for your own existing stage or other requirement.

Felix step units are built using the same materials and standard as our stage range. As a standard all steps are built with a rise of 152mm (6″) between each step. This is the natural step height the we are all used to and is that standard in any staircase you would find at home or at work. Step Units are available with one, two or three treads, depending on the overall height of the stage. Single tread units are half the overall height, two tread units set at a third and two thirds of the height. For stages above 610mm three treads are used. For safety and simplicity, Step Units are constructed as ‘boxes’ identical in appearance to the specified range of stage top i.e. Performance or Lightweight with fitted inlaid carpet. The base sides supporting the tread are also fully carpeted. Single treads must be attached to a décor plinth (ordered separately) using the supplied handwheels to avoid any chance of tipping. Two tread units are bolted together before use. Three tread units have a two tread unit standing on a base plinth. All step units have rubber feet to stop sliding on smooth floors


Step units for our stage range are specifically designed to match your Felix Design Stage. However they can be used for access to a stage that you may already have in place. If it does not quite fit then we can always adjust our steps to get the correct fit for you.

The fitting of an inlaid carpet surface has always been a standard feature which has made Felix Staging individual and distinctive. The full range of colours available are extensive and we can arrange for a colour swatch to be sent to you. Alternatively, clients own free issue carpet can be fitted to the staging prior to dispatch from our factory.

Drama tops are painted in a selection of colours or left unfinished ready for DIY.

Becoming more and more popular is a vinyl finish which is inlaid in the same way as carpet to give a surface to your stage

All Step Units are available with the complete range of accessories of Décor Plinths, Step Units, Ramps, Safety Rails and Storage Trolleys and these can be found by clicking HERE



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