Tiered Platforms

Creating Mini Theatres and raising choirs using the Felix System

Felix Design Tiered platforms use the same concept as our staging range. Yet cleverly adapting it to achieve different levels for all kind of performances

The Tiered Stage Range provides a set of different products to allow multi level staging to accommodate audiences, performers and speakers. The simple design concept, speed of assembly and unmatched durability has proved itself in use over thirty years throughout the UK and overseas. All of our staging is completely demountable and modular, yet when in place looks like a permanent piece of furniture. Felix Staging is a unique system, which is designed to instantly harmonise with the surrounding area.

The Tiered Range of Staging is designed for four very different uses and are listed below. However we can also make bespoke sizes and shaped tops and you can find details of this by clicking HERE

Raised Seatingimg-0427-edit-2.33260333698b25288bebab97723b9736
A demountable and flexible staging system to provide audiences with an unhindered view of your performance. Deep enough to accommodate standard chairs for audiences or seated choir. Also can be used for a school choir to stand and perform and then use the tiered steps to sit on. For more information press the Tiered Seating button on the right.

Multi Level StagingIMG_2725
Achieving different levels of staging is easy using our standard range of stage tops. The only difference is changing the subframe heights underneath. As our staging is completely modular you can also achieve this with any existing Felix Staging that you mat already have. For more information press the Multi Level Staging button on the right.

Portable Choir RiserPortable Choir Riser Assembly 038.1
A unique product that provides a portable and flexible multi level system for choirs. A robust system designed for transportation but is attractive to the eye and enhances any performance. A lovely feature of this product is its ability to achieve two different shapes with one set of tops. For more information press the Choir Riser Button on the right.

White Board StepsDSC00713
Our range of whiteboard steps were originally designed to allow students to reach all areas of the new classroom interactive boards. However it was also quickly utilised as a small area to raise students to speak or perform in a classroom environment. This has now spread to other uses and lends itself to raising people in any smaller room. For more information press the Whiteboard Steps Button on the right.

The fitting of an inlaid carpet surface has always been a standard feature which has made Felix Staging individual and distinctive. The full range of colours available are extensive and we can arrange for a colour swatch to be sent to you. Alternatively, clients own free issue carpet can be fitted to the staging prior to dispatch from our factory.

Drama tops are painted in a selection of colours or left unfinished ready for DIY.

Becoming more and more popular is a vinyl finish which is inlaid in the same way as carpet to give a surface to your stage

All versions are available with the complete range of accessories of Décor Plinths, Step Units, Ramps, Safety Rails and Storage Trolleys and these can be found by clicking HERE





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